Hi, I’m Jay Versluis – I run this site. It’s a personal notebook about iOS Development, much like my other website which serves that function for WordPress and web hosting related things.

I’ve been writing iOS Apps since 2011 – you can check them out here.


I wanted to develop for iOS devices ever since I bought my first iPad back in 2011, followed by investing into a MacBook Pro in June 2011 just so that I could do it. Before then I was a PC Person. Since I’ve been using Mac OS X and iOS, I’ve not looked at a PC (other than virtual instances).

Putting my “Hello World” app together wasn’t easy, neither was expanding it with several other options. Back then iOS 5 was just around the corner, Xcode 3 had just been replaced with Xcode 4, and every point release added another obstacle to the journey. Documentation was forever outdated as publishers couldn’t keep up.


Objective-C is complex enough as it is without such problems, not to mention profile shenanigans for your devices. I felt I kept forgetting a lot of stuff that I had just learnt and needed a place to take notes – like I do with other projects so I have a compendium to consult for future reference. Hence this development diary for easy online access so I can jot down things wherever I am (which is usually behind one of several keyboards).


Jay VersluisThis site wasn’t really meant for public consumption, but I’m really happy to see that helps countless others: it now has over 15.000 hits per month and counting. Which is why I needed to invest into better infrastructure to cope with the demand.

Please help me pay for it by becoming a member for a nominal fee – it’ll help me feed the server and encourage me to keep going with this project.

If you have any questions about the site, have a read through the Frequently Asked Questions. It also has a Contact Form if you want to ask a question.


Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Hacking!





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