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Before you sign up, please consider reading this post on my current health situation.

How do I sign up to see the full content?

  1. Register here for an account
  2. Choose a Membership Option and make your payment at
  3. You’re redirected to this site and can see all content
  4. On subsequent visits just log in at the top right


In order for the system to tie your payment to your user name and give you full access, it is important that you are logged in before making your payment. If you overlook this step you’ll end up with no access, even though you’ve made a payment.

In the unlikely event that this should happen please contact me below and I will update your membership manually (not good if you’re after instant gratification though).

What are my Signup Options?

You can either pay for a full year of access, or signup for a Lifetime Membership and have access forever. The Lifetime Membership is our most popular and cost effective option. We also offer a One Day Member pass which will expire 24 hours after purchase.

Note that these are currently introductory prices and will go up in the future.

Sign up for Lifetime Membership now and save in the future!

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What are the benefits of becoming a paid Member?

Annual Membership – Pay for a full year of membership to the iOS Dev Diary and you will have instant access to all the content that is currently protected for Members Only. With an Annual Membership you can sign up and pay once and not have to worry about your Membership expiring for a whole 12 months. You will see complete articles with detailed code snippets, all the screen-casts relating to the article where available and an option to bookmark your favorite articles so you can find them more easily. We also provide exclusive Member Only articles and videos that are not available to non-members. Any advertising on the site will also be removed.

Lifetime Membership – As a Lifetime Member you receive all the same benefits of the Annual Membership above but without the need to renew your subscription every year. As you are paying only once you are already protecting yourself from future price increases, making this plan our most cost effective and time saving option you can choose. What’s not to love.

One Day Membership – Pay for One Day access and you will receive all the benefits of the Annual and Lifetime Membership for 24hrs. Once your membership has expired all Member protected content will no longer be available to you unless you pay for another day of access or you sign up for either the Annual or Lifetime Membership. You can buy as many One Day passes as you need, just login to the site, pay for another day and you’re ready to go. After a while you may wish to upgrade to one of other cheaper options. We’ve made it really easy, just make sure you are logged in and buy one of the other options, we’ll then confirm your upgrade and you’ll have full access for a year or a lifetime.

You can check your Membership level at any time when logged in at the top right of the screen.

What happens when my Membership expires?

  1. Two weeks before your Annual Membership is up we’ll send you an automated email to remind you
  2. You can login and choose to pay again or upgrade to Lifetime Membership
  3. We’ll also send you an email one month after your account has expired as a reminder

To renew your Membership, simply login at the sidebar, then head over here to make a payment.


HELP! I’m logged in, but I can’t see the content!

Don’t panic: This happens sometimes, usually after visiting the WordPress admin area (to change your password for example).

To fix this: Try to log out, then log back in again. This usually clears up the issue.

If unsuccessful, log out, clear your browser cache, then try logging in again. Alternatively, try a different browser. Safari, Chrome and Firefox should all work fine. If you’re using Internet Explorer… well please don’t! You’re a Mac Developer 😉

If all else fails, fret not: drop me a line (below) and I’ll fix it for you. Something may have gone wrong – I guess we both know that every piece of software is prone to bugs.


How can I change my Avatar / Profile Picture?

You can head over to and associate your email address with a picture. It’s useful to have and keeps your picture consistent over a variety of websites (inluding this one).

This will be displayed automatically when you make a comment, and in your login widget.

I didn’t find what I was looking for – can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of what I’m presenting here, I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds unless there was a technical problem with your transaction (if you were triple charged for example).

Besides, there is enough free content here to give you a very good idea of what’s inside before you sign up.


Why does this cost money all of a sudden?

This site has helped over 100,000 1.1 million people since 2012, including you.

Your support means I can offer to keep this website up and running on a much faster server.

It was always my personal Dev Diary but it now has more hits than I had ever imagined. This means increased infrastructure cost that I cannot cover on my own. Your money will make this possible.

It’s also very encouraging for me to know that my articles make a difference to others, and your support means I can devote even more time and resources to this project in the future.


Questions? Feedback? Comments?

If you have any questions about your site membership or the signup procedure, suggestions, comments or requests, please drop me a line on the Contact Me page.

For specific questions about iOS Development, please leave a comment on the relevant article so that others can follow our conversation.