How to localize your project in Xcode 4.4

Before we start we need to create a new file called Localizable.strings (from File – New – Resource – Strings File). Xcode needs one file per language. Next we create localized copies of our files:

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You can add other translations to files such as Localizable.strings simply by selecting the file on the left, and then adding a translation on the right hand side under “Localizations” in the File Inspector:

3 thoughts on “How to localize your project in Xcode 4.4

  1. NOTE:
    At times the simulator may not translate items from your Localizable.strings file. You may think you’re going mad – but before checking in with your therapist, try the following:

    • delete the app from the simulator
    • in Xcode, head over to Product – Clean
    • try again

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