How to record audio from the microphone in iOS

Talk-Icon-512Recording audio is a complex process – for any computer. iOS makes it simple-ish with several classes courtesy of the AV Foundation Framework.

In this example we’ll record audio from the device microphone. This happens in four steps:

  • create an AVSession
  • setup a dictionary with audio recorder settings
  • create an AVAudioRecorder
  • prepare for and start recording

For the method below to work you need to import and link the AVFoundation Framework to your project. We also need a property to hold our AVRecorder object, otherwise it will no longer exist by the time the method reaches the end and nothing will work. Again.

Here’s a method that is called by a “Record Button”:


You can customise your recorder with various settings as explained in the Apple documentation. And when you’re finished, simply stop the recorder:

We can also implement an optional delegate method to check if and when recording has finished or if things went wrong:


Additional delegate methods are available to check for a “higher power” interruption, such as a phone call.

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