Welcome to my iOS Dev Diary

I wanted to write apps for iOS ever since I bought my first iPad. In fact I’ve quickly invested into a MacBook Pro in June 2011 just so that I could do it. That is now exactly one year ago.

I’ve managed to put my “Hello World” app together and expanded several other options to it, however getting to grips with such a complex language isn’t easy. I felt I kept forgetting stuff and should have really taken notes – like I do with other projects so I have a compendium to consult for future reference. Hence I’ve decided to put this development diary online so I can jot down things wherever I am (which is usually behind one of several keyboards).

It’s not really for public consumption, but if it helps please be my guest.

About Jay Versluis

Jay is a medical miracle known as Super Survivor. He runs two YouTube channels, five websites and several podcast feeds. To see what else he's up to, and to support him on his mission to make the world a better place, check out his Patreon Campaign.

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