How to rename an app in Xcode 4.5

You can conveniently rename an app you’ve started. For this example, we have a project called Old Project, created from the Master/Detail Template.

Three areas need to be changed here:

  1. the actual app name and targets
  2. the scheme
  3. the group in which most project files reside

Renaming the app


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And that’s it 😉

5 thoughts on “How to rename an app in Xcode 4.5

  1. Great tutorial, only thing is now I when I run my app on my iPad it is not pick up a plist that I have that fills a table. When I run it on the simulator it is fine it is just when I view it on the iPad. I stall have the old named app and it work the way that it should. It was just when I changed the name. Any suggestions?

    1. I’d try two things: clean your build (under Product – Clean). If this doesn’t work then I’d try to uninstall the app from your iPad and run it again. I’ve had this with changed icon files which weren’t being picked up – but a fresh install usually helps.

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