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What happens next? How do I log in?

If all went well, you should be logged in automatically. Have a look at that widget at the top right which should greet you with your name. You can also

  • start exploring the site’s front page
  • search for something (find a search box at the top right)
  • click on a topic in the sidebar

When you come here in the future, just login there and use your chosen user name and password.


HELP! I’m logged in, but I can’t see the content!

That’s not good – but I guess everything based on “affordable software” is prone to bugs.  Don’t panic: This happens sometimes, usually after visiting the WordPress admin area (to change your password for example).

To fix this: Try to log out, then log back in again. This usually clears up the issue.

If unsuccessful, log out, clear your browser cache, then try loggin in again. Alternatively, try a different browser. Safari, Chrome and Forefox should all work fine. If you’re using Internet Explorer… well please don’t! You’re a Mac Developer!

If all else fails, fret not: drop me a line and I’ll fix it for you.

You can find a contact form and more answers under Frequently Asked Questions.