Xcode: How to activate code completion for already completed methods

I really like the code completion feature in Xcode. It gives handy clues about the parameters of all methods and their parameters. But as soon as we hit return, the completion disappears. Sometimes I wish I could bring it back and re-read the descriptions.

Well I have great news: you can bring it back at any time simply by positioning your cursor on the method in question and hitting ESC as usual, or CTRL + SPACE. As soon as you’ve satisfied your curiosity, hit ESC to make it go away again.


Thanks to Rainer Schwarze and mndgs for this tip!

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2 thoughts on “Xcode: How to activate code completion for already completed methods

  1. You can just press ‘ESC’. Thats default in Xcode, ctrl+space works, but for me personally it is much harder to hit it correctly(alt gets in the way sometimes)

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