iCloud in your iOS Apps – Part 3: Document Storage

In this part I’ll show you how to use your app’s ubiquitous folder to store arbitrary files in a user’s iCloud store. We’re not going to cover the UIDocument class here because it adds a layer of complexity to an already difficult subject, and for simple files it’s just not necessary. We’ll also cover how to download new files if iCloud changes have been detected.

There are two code snippets I’m referencing here: one is the method to retrieve your iCloud Documents folder (don’t forget to make it public like I did). This one goes into the AppDelegate.m:

I’m also talking about the NSMetadataQuery which will detect changes in your iCloud Documents folder. This is a custom initialiser so you’ll need to create a property for it. Here’s the initialiser – in the video I’m using it in my ViewController class:

To kick this into action you’ll also need to add an observer under viewDidLoad:

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