Mothball Alert

It occurred to me that I should perhaps communicate this to y’all, albeit a bit late:

I’m out of the iOS Dev Game. For good.

I’ve been renewing my membership through 2018, but when it came up again this year, I gave it a miss. $99 saved. I don’t have the hardware to develop anymore, and I’m involved in other projects I find more fulfilling.

While I’ve enjoyed the coding challenges over the years immensely, two factors have greatly contributed to this change of mind:

  • getting cancer in 2015, surviving it, and focussing on what really matters in life (which isn’t Xcode, Apple’s products or the way they treat developers), and
  • Apple’s continued push to re-write this year what they taught us last year. There’s never a moment in which you can “just write code” and be creative, without having to re-learn how to do it.

I’ll leave this site up for posterity and the occasional outdated tip from yesteryear, but I won’t wrote any more content here. Should I ever pick up another coding challenge (iOS or otherwise), I might do it on this domain. If you want to keep in touch, check out my current active projects here:

Have a wonderful Happy Holidays, do what you love, enjoy every moment, be true to your passion, and go out and be happy in 2020 and beyond 😍

Thanks for visiting!

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