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How to open the Pinterest App from your own iOS App

Pinterest_Badge_RedYou can open Pinterest links from your iOS app directly in the Pinterest app if it’s installed. This includes direct links to a user, a user’s board, or a specific pin.

In the following code snippets we’ll do just that, and if the Pinterest App is not installed on the device we’ll open the link in Safari instead. These methods can be hooked up to a UIButton.

Note that for this to work, users need to be logged in to the Pinterest App – otherwise the app opens with a login prompt and not the link we want.

Opening a Pinterest User Profile

Much like on Twitter, users on Pinterest have handles. Mine is versluis2000, and my Pinterest URL is http://www.pinterest.com/versluis2000. Here’s how you open this user via the Pinterest app:

Trying to display your own Pinterest User Profile may crash the Pinterest App – at least that’s what happened in my tests.

Opening a Pinterest Board

Users on Pinterest can pin links to their boards which work like collections or categories. Those boards have slugs that appear after the user handle. I have a board called iOS Projects which has the following URL: http://www.pinterest.com/versluis2000/ios-projects/

Here’s how we can open one directly in the Pinterest App:

Opening a Pinterest Pin

When a user finds a link on the web and pins it, the link will receive a unique numeric ID. Such an ID is independent from the user who pins it. Here’s a pin to a sketch of a Polaroid camera I drew: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/76279787413881109/

Let’s open this pin in the Pinterest App:

How about pinning something directly from my own app?

If you’d like users to pin something directly from your app, take a look at the iOS Pin It SDK – brought to you by the friendly folks at Pinterest. The article also explains the deep linking structure we’re using in the above examples:

Care for a Demo Project? https://github.com/versluis/Pinterest