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How to create a custom UIPickerView

Creating picker views is similar to creating table views: you supply an array of data for each component by conforming to the UIPickerViewDataSource protocol.

A component is equivalent to a section in a table view, and each component can have several sections. You can’t set much of this up in interface builder other than add the actual picker view to a position, and define the delegate and data source for your class (self in our example).

Setting up the picker

Let’s go through this step by step. We’re creating a single component picker and print its results. First we need an array of data – let’s create this as a custom initialiser for a property named pickerData:

Next we’ll conform to the data source protocol with these snazzy methods:

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That’s all there’s to it!

Perhaps one more thing: when the picker shows the first item in the list will be pre-selected. If you’d like to pre-select a different item you can do so by calling this, perhaps in your viewDidLoad method: