How to use iCloud in your iOS Apps

In this screencast series I’ll show you how to use iCloud in your iOS apps. We’ll discuss the whole picture, starting with how to setup Xcode and your app, including App ID and Provisioning Profiles and I’ll demonstrate how to use all three flavours of iCloud:

  • Key Value Storage
  • Document Storage
  • and iCloud with Core Data

The first two parts are free, and the remainder of this series is for members only.

Setup and Prep Work

In this part I’ll explain how to create an App ID, a Developer Provisioning Profile and how to import it into Xcode. We’ll also discuss what else needs to be setup in Xcode to make your app work with iCloud, no matter which flavour you want to use.

This content is for members only.

Demo Project

Here’s the demo project that I’m building in the last two videos. Don’t forget to change the Bundle ID and your Team ID to make it work on your devices:

Enjoy creating some rad iCloud apps 😉

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